Saturday, March 21, 2009

KitsuneAteAGreeley my Favorite Sister, Allison ;P

My sister Allison ♥
I just finished a portrait of my sister and wanted to share it with you.

She has put up with me when we were kids and now I feel I owe her alot.
She is a mom of three beautiful kids and a wonderful wife to Jeff.
She does so much and is about finished with this school term.
Allison is the most talented person I know and it shows on her deviantart page:

She introduced me to Etsy along time ago and without her I would be lost, really...

Here are some progression scans of the portrait I drew for her:

(1st scan)

(3rd scan)
She & her family has had to move around quite a bit and a consequence to that is she lost her only little camera. I want to help her get a new one, nothing fancy but something she needs badly for her shop & until then, she is stuck with her cheaper cell phone camera and anyone knows, that just won't do her work justice at all...

I found an 10.1mp digital at Sears on clearance and was an awesome deal, it came w/ a memory card! I told her to get some more awesom pix of her kids for me to draw, her & Jeff too!

Her and her family have been through some really difficult times, from moving around alot to Jeff almost loosing his arm in a machine accident... He is doing good but that incident left him struggling to be able to support his family while Allison is doing everything she can to help as well, that's one of the reasons she went back to school.

I'm SO proud of them both because they are great people that go above and beyond to help everyone else despite their troubles & challenges...

They keep a good outlook on things and never let the tough times bring them down...

Oh, they make cute kids too!

I have every intention of drawing their entire family eventually too & look forward to it!

(I'm currently working on her oldest daughters portrait now)


I know it seems biased because she is my sister but if you only know what we have been through growing up, you might be able to understand where i'm coming from a bit better...

Even with family, I respect those who are respectable and Allison puts me in awe with what she does for others, whether she is my sister by blood or not... My view of her wouldn't change a bit.

I ♥ my sis...Allison, thank you for everything!



Pfeiffer Photos said...

Very realistic work! I draw but not portraits; I admire your skill. :)

Found you via Etsy,

Sheri said...

beautiful artwork!

Lucky Little Lamb said...

WOW, these are beautiful works of art -- the drawings and the photos. You are a very talented person. I'm REALLY impressed! And your words about your sister and her family were very nice. Aren't sisters the best?!